Preprints/ Publications (by year)

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Journal Submissions

  • A general theory for softmax gating Gaussian mixture of experts . Under review.
    Huy Nguyen, Nhat Ho.

  • Energy meets sliced Wasserstein distance: From linear to nonlinear projections . To be submitted.
    Khai Nguyen, Nhat Ho.

  • Mixture model meets Transformer . To be submitted.
    Tan Nguyen*, Tam Nguyen*, Nhat Ho, Stanley Osher.

  • Improving Transformer via general integral theorems . To be submitted.
    Tan Nguyen*, Minh Pham*, Nhat Ho.

  • Revisiting sliced optimal transport via geometric methods. To be submitted.
    Khai Nguyen, Nhat Ho.

  • On mean-field variational inference: Non-asymptotic approximation, Bayesian inference, and parameter estimation. To be submitted.
    Wenlong Mou, Nhat Ho, Martin J. Wainwright, Peter L. Bartlett, Michael I. Jordan.

Conference Submissions

  • Efficient Transformer with compressive sensing . Under review.
    Tan Minh Nguyen, Tho Tran Huu, Tam Minh Nguyen, Minh Pham, Stanley Osher, Nhat Ho.

Journal Under Revision

  • Global optimality of the EM algorithm for mixtures of two linear regression . Under revision.
    Jeongyeol Kwon, Wei Qian, Constantine Caramanis, Yudong Chen, Damek Davis, Nhat Ho.


  • [67] On parameter estimation in deviated Gaussian mixture of experts. AISTATS, 2024.
    Huy Nguyen, Khai Nguyen, Nhat Ho.





Before 2020

Phd Thesis/ Manuscripts